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Vex Uchiha

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Vex Uchiha

Post by Vex on Fri Sep 11, 2015 10:50 am

Name: Vex Uchiha
Appearance: Vex is a woman of noble class and perfect posture, seemingly a lady through and through. She stands tall and straight, walks with a controlled elegant gait and has a fair skin tone. She has long raven black hair of a silken threaded texture, lustrous and vibrant. Her eyes are a lustrous purple, rich and full of temptations. She has an hourglass figure deadly enough to sway the hearts and minds of men and women alike: she sports a large bust and curvy hips. Her attire is usually that of a revealing black dress without shoulderstraps, this dress fits snug to her body but doesn't restrict her movement, nor does it come undone easily. She wears long black gloves that reach up the length of her arms as well as wears a pair of long-legged leather boots. This is but one of her uniforms, although likely her favorite.
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 130lbs
Alias: Immortal Witch
Rank: Hokage
Village: Konoha
Clan: Uchiha
History: Vex comes from a long line of prestigious Uchiha blood. Her parents and grandparents were political people of renowned skill, sway and intelligence. She was raised and taught at a young age that she was obligated to follow in her family's footsteps for their village and honor's sake. From the moment she was born and until she was five years old, she was allowed to stay with her parents, spoiled and treated like a princess. She slept with her parents every night and knew little to nothing about the world or the political power of their military village.

At the age of six years old, she was shipped away from her parents and forced to live with her strict grandparents. She was taught the brutal truths about the world and violence, she was forced to sleep in a room all to herself with no windows and a locked door at night. Her grandmother would sit her down and drill information about the shinobi past, the world's history then and now, as well as their village specifically: never was the old woman satisfied until Vex could memorize and repeat perfectly pages of text from books. Because of such rigorous mental training at such a young age, Vex retained a photographic memory and a high intellect.

This type of mental training went on for two straight years with no word or visit from her parents. At the age of eight years old, her grandfather began to instruct her in the ways of combat. During the day, she would study with her grandmother and at night before bed, her grandfather would teach her fundamentals of the lost Ninjutsu and basic Taijutsu. Her grandfather was merciless and never did she go to bed without bruises and pain. This routine went on without reprieve for four years. She was enrolled in the Military Academy at the very same time, being the youngest student of the age of eight: between the Academy and her grandparent's teachings, she graduated from the Academy at an unprecedented rate within one year. At the age of nine, she was graduated to a grunt in the miltary force of her village  and placed in a platoon with her father as the commanding officer.

Relieved and happy to see one of her parents, she was bewildered and struck with agony as her father treated her as a stranger and kept their relationship as that of a military profession. From then, she learned that her mother had died only two years after Vex had been taken from her. She had died from heartbreak, not being allowed to see her little girl. For four years, she operated in the platoon under the direction and teachings of her father who was a different person than she remembered. At the age of thirteen, she participated in exams and graduated at the top of the military exam participants. From then onward, she was given heavier tasks and more difficult missions without any assistance: the Uchiha having sway within the village had the political pull to have the village push her to her very limits and force her to adapt, grow and change into the kind of soldier they wanted.

Her father died shortly before she was promoted to a captain, he died at her own hands during a serious combat exercise: she literally was his replacement to the platoon. With her parents dead and her only real ties to her grandparents left, Vex focused on her grandparent's approval and molded her very existence into the kind of soldier they had bred and trained her to become. After becoming a captain, her grandfather took ill and passed away of a heart disease: brokenhearted and lonely, Vex's grandmother died a year after from grief.

With no one to have bonds with, Vex focused her attention on the village, the only thing left to her in her family's legacy. As a captain, she excelled but lacked friends or bonds: a prodigy but a lonesome soldier. Upon coming to the time to decide on a nw leader for the village, no name was heard more than her own from the ones appointed to naming the next leader. Her accomplishments and dedication were fantastic but her social skills were lacking. Between her skills as a soldier and her intellect and political understanding in the modern world, the voice to appoint her as leader was overwhelming. She was promoted to General at the age of seventeen and for two years, was given guidance by the clan elders until they felt she was ready and capable of leading the village without their supervision.

Upon being unbridled from the restrictions of the clan elders, Vex implemented the doctrines of shinobi just as her grandparents had raised her to. Her whole purpose in life so far had been to revive the era of shinobi: her grandparents knew of the shinobi era and had raised Vex from barely a child in the ways of the shinobi world and had her memorize to heart the doctrines and history of the shinobi world. As the General and leader of Konoha, she reformed the village without opposition and implemented the Shinobi Academy back into the village. Proper specializations such as Ninjutsu, Taijutsu and Fuinjutsu were taught to the youngest and oldest generations. While the village had evolved over time into that of a military might of their nation, Vex was regressing it back to the days of the shinobi world but still retaining the strict authority and power of their military might.

Personality: By far, Vex is one of the more unique individuals one will ever meet. Growing up and maturing at an age even before ten years old, Vex had never had a real childhood. She retains a rather serious expression and demeanor on life due to the upbringing of her family. She presents herself in a proper manner most of the time and is both politically and ethically correct in her choice of words and actions. She is the ideal Hokage, the leader of her village. She represents a strong military nation and has an intimidating and aura of authority.
On the other side of her personality, she has a split persona that she interacts with. While she was obedient and the ideal child growing up, she resented not being allowed to be like other children. Over the rough years of her training, she developed an alternate personality that manifested into a state of delusion. The split side of her is known as Wrath and takes over during combat as well as stressful situations or whenever she is feeling overly playful. Wrath is a shrewd but wild persona, Wrath thirsts for battle and when given the opportunity, will go overboard. Even in her own village, while her villagers respect and trust her, she is renowned for being a loose cannon if provoked. It is not uncommon to see the Hokage office damaged and new furnishings being shipped every few days. Wrath interacts with Vex on a daily basis, a voice inside her head and a replicated image of herself that will manifest in a spiritual form only seen and heard by Vex herself. Wrath is very playful and perverted, Wrath enjoys teasing Vex and getting her worked up to the point where Wrath can take over. Wrath is the embodiment of all her repressed emotions growing up as a child.
Face Claim: FMA: Lust

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Re: Vex Uchiha

Post by Kiyoshi on Sun Sep 13, 2015 11:44 am


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