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Post by Katsujin on Sat Sep 19, 2015 2:42 pm

Hidden Cloud Layout

The village hidden in the clouds is literally a village hidden in clouds. Attached to mountains that are closely connected to one another, the villagers could look over their balcony and see an entire world one-thousand miles away from them. This is what makes the hidden cloud village one of the toughest to penetrate, for its military units could look both towards the sky and towards the ground for its enemies.

Homes, academies, and markets are all connected by bridges that move all around the mountain ranges. However, this does not mean that there is nothing below the mountains. In fact, an entire world exists on the ground floor and in the mountain ranges. On the ground, the village is closed in by giant metal gates that stretch 829 meters to the sky. Military bases for shinobis are placed all around the ground level, each with commanders that teach ninjas everything about defending their village.

The hidden cloud village is not all about its power, however, as it has a wide variety of beauty inside it. There are buildings dedicated to art, be it combat or drawing, and entire markets inspired to better ones cooking. Entertainment is always made in this village, as gambling centers and theater buildings are placed on every corner. The hidden cloud village also shows signs in scientific and  technological advances, plainly seen in the sheer number of science labs and beautiful buildings that nearly tower, and attach to, the mountains.

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Re: Kumogakure

Post by Katsujin on Sat Sep 19, 2015 2:43 pm

Hidden Cloud History

The hidden cloud’s history is a violent one of power and betrayal. Ever since the beginning, clan’s were focused on one thing inside the land of lightning, domination. The clans who stood above all others on the mountains were the clans who ruled over all. War raged and prominent clans died due to their weakness. All wanted to be at the top, but that meant kicking everyone else to the bottom. This war would be called the Mountain King war, and it would go on for centuries, ending only when the wrong clan was brutally murdered.

Hikari was a clansman of a very strong clan named the Raikou. They were a prominent clan due to their heavy use of lightning release jutsus. The mountain ranges, and their lightning releases, were what gave them a heavy edge against opponents, shocking fear into the hearts of all their opponents. Seeing as this clan was the top dog, others hated it, and eventually joined together to see to its destruction. Unfortunately for them, they did not destroy every member, as Hikari Raikou was the last left alive.

The young man was a very skilled lightning release warrior, who soon moved on to decimate clans with his own hands. Other villages feared his wrath more than anything, and they began to join him to destroy other clans who would not bend their knee to his will. Soon, Hikari was calling himself the Raikage.

The hidden cloud village was built slowly. Eventually there was a clan a year to rise against Hikari. However, they would always fall. Either Hikari would destroy them, or the other clans as a village would handle them. The hidden village in the clouds based their entire leadership on power, and whoever was more powerful would be the new Raikage. Unfortunately, no one could beat Hikari, and he was soon called ‘A’ by all of his followers, because he was the alpha dog dominant.

A spread his seed throughout the village, and eventually his clan was rebuilt. However, he was a man, and men were never strong against old age. Nearly on his deathbed, one of his sons murdered him, and a new A, the Raikage, was born.  

A the second wanted more to his name than just being the son of A the first. He wanted to have his men remember him as the man who conquered the world. So, A moved on to challenging other villages for land. Soon, the most powerful village in the lightning land would come across the most powerful village in the land of fire. It is this time when such clans as the Uchiha would be introduced, and the village hidden in the clouds would begin its race to overpower and outdo the hidden leaf village, Konohakagure no Sato.

A the second died, unable to conquer the world, but he was known as the man to begin the first ever shinobi world war. A the third, however, would soon be known as the man to end the first shinobi world war, and throw the hidden cloud village into a period of isolation.

A the third was the younger brother of A the second. He hated this war, but pushed on with it to finally end what his brother began. Unfortunately, he stood no match for the hidden leaf village. With their powerful clan and shinobi spirit, they proved one of the most troubling enemies to face against in this war. Konohagakure, also joined by other villages who feared the hidden cloud’s conquering, pushed the hidden cloud village back into the land of lightning, where they agreed on a peace treaty between lands.

Insulted by his loss, and angered at his brother’s foolish attempt to conquer the world, A the third isolated himself from the rest of the world, not allowing anything to go in or out of their villages. Giant walls were built to block any passengers from arriving, and those that wanted to leave would either try their hardest to sneak out or leave by death. A the third began building armies by using his people. Shinobis were made left and right, and towers were being made for the sole purpose of protecting their people.

Soon, A the third began sending his ninjas out on tasks to capture powerful KKGs, such as the Uchiha clan’s sharingan, to study and replicate for their own improved version. This sent many villages into an uproar. Messages were sent to A the third, and yet he did not respond. ‘All is quiet in the land of cloud,’ was what the other villages use to say, ‘So much that you can hear a pebble drop.’

A the third spent his isolated time developing a fierce army, yet he died of old age before he could see his army destroy the world. So, that job was left to his son, A the fourth.

A the fourth declared war on Konohagakure no Sato once again. However, somehow, word reached the hidden cloud that the Shinobis of other lands were being outcasted, or even hunted down and murdered. Drawing inspiration from other villages, the innocent people of Kumogakure turned on their Raikage. They were tired of being forcibly held in one village, and they were tired of being murdered for not listening to what the Shinobi said. Slowly, all the villagers rebelled against the fourth Raikage. So much trouble was caused from this uproar that the war between Kumogakure no Sato and Konohagakure no Sato never truly began.

Within two years of learning of the shinobi prohibition, A the fourth was assassinated in his home. As time passed on, the people began to fight against the shinobi, and surprisingly, the shinobi were losing. Within four years, the shinobi were reduced to a small number. Any who practiced that art were to be murdered. Once under the control of regular wealthy citizens, trade between other villages was allowed, and cultural diversity from other lands existed for the very first time in the hidden cloud village.

Five years later, and the Shinobi are barely seen in the land of lightning. They are now a secret organization, some used for assassination missions, others used for menial labor, such as being a bodyguard. Shinobis are outlaws, and Kumogakure no Sato loses its alpha dog dominant beliefs. The Raikage becomes nothing but an old story.

However, a world without shinobis, although ideal it may be, would never come to any land as long as there were those who held onto the old ways. The hidden cloud village was meant for the powerful to rise to the top, not by money or by intelligence, but by domination.

Katsujin, a strong shinobi in the ways of lightning release, knew this, and decided to fight against this new world. He gathered a lot of shinobi who hated this new life. He began to develop an army, and he used his shinobi power to destroy the current Kumogakure no Sato army. Katsujin reminded every shinobi what the hidden cloud village stood for: power.

Suddenly, the wealthy are murdered in their homes. Ninja assassins sneak into mundane leader’s homes and slit many people’s throats. Blood begins to pour once again in the hidden cloud, and the shinobi start to take over. The village slowly becomes alpha dominant, and katsujin is the one on top of the mountain.

Now, Katsujin is named Raikage, and the shinobi world once again flourishes. B the first is what he asked them to call him; B to represent the restart of the ninja era. Until the Raikage’s powers are returned to its former glory, Katsujin declares that all the future kages are beta dog dominant. With the shinobis back in power, the world has once again become for the taking of Kumogakure no Sato, the hidden cloud village of the land of lightning.

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Re: Kumogakure

Post by Katsujin on Sat Sep 19, 2015 2:44 pm

The Hidden Cloud's Clan and Histories


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Re: Kumogakure

Post by Katsujin on Sat Sep 19, 2015 2:47 pm

Clan Listing

1. Open
2. Open
3. Open
4. Open
5. Open
6. Open
7. Open
9. Open
10. Open

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Re: Kumogakure

Post by Sponsored content

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