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Amegakure no Sato General Store

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Amegakure no Sato General Store

Post by Ame General Store Owner on Mon Sep 21, 2015 11:26 am

This little shop is where several people from all over the country and the visitors who cross between the area to cross between the two major countries on either side of them frequented. It was of a decent size, but still very well organized. This was the work of the shop owner, Crowley, who spent all of his time in the day making sure that everything was perfect. His counter was right next to the entrance so that he could greet everybody as they entered and he was always very well dressed and wearing more make up than most of the women in the casino bar at night, in hopes that he might get some repeat customers just for his own good looks and even better manners, or were his looks better? It was hard to tell when you were so fabulous. Silver nails tapped away on the steel counter while he pursed his light blue lips in discontent and played with his long, silver braid with his left hand. Pale eyes watched the glass door even though he had the little bell set up to keep him informed on the comings and goings of his customers.

As to avoid a slow death of boredom, he turned his gaze to watch the store around him. The snacks were up at his register, camping goods were in the first isle, clothing and accessories were in the second isle, medical supplies were in the third isle, the fourth isle was made up of stationary supplies, and the back row was currently empty as it was for seasonal items that he simply did not have in stock. There was a bulletin board next to the door where people could put job requests, advertisements for sales as well as events, and things of that nature. Along the corner where the walls met the ceiling there were mirrors allowing the shop owner to monitor the entire store at once, and a button under his register where he could lock all of the doors until a Shinobi arrived in the case of a robbery. Crowley felt extremely safe here, as did his many customers, who, to his great aggravation, were yet to arrive.
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