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Amegakure Casino & Hotel Front Desk

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Amegakure Casino & Hotel Front Desk

Post by Ame Casino Owner on Mon Sep 21, 2015 12:55 pm

Sexy Casino Owner:
The owner sat in usual seductive pose, propping herself up on the registration desk instead of standing behind it the way a good girl would, occasionally teasing her staff members of either gender, causing great discomfort in several different ways, but continuing with these tactics to bring in the customers, and that was all that was really important when you were running a business. One may have assumed that this woman wearing the skimpy clothing was some employee who had no other place to turn and wound up having to give up her self respect in order to preserve her pay checks, but in reality she was dangerous as an S Rank criminal ever could be. She used to be the leader of Amegakure no Sato's elite police force, and was still a powerful fighter. Part of being in such good shape was a good body, which she now used more for advertising her business than anything else.

After barely escaping with her life during Kiyoshi Kubo's Genjutsu revolution where that one psycho path trying to revive his dead way of life took and defeated her entire division right in front of her eyes, she went out to find an old hotel that she knew would be vacant. It was the property of the mayor who had no living next of kin to inherit it after he ran away with his tail between his legs. She had heard some rumors that the old fool had some issues keeping it up. She may have been able to help him with that little issue, had he not been miles below her league. He was kind of disgusting, to be entirely honest. She went to the homes of all of the killed police officers who had no families and took what she could find and used that money to open up this casino, started to dress like a tramp so that nobody would recognize her, and started to enjoy her success. She occasionally worried that Kiyoshi would recognize her, but all that she had to do to take care of his suspicions was point her chest at him and give him a free lottery card. Drug addicts being easy to manipulate had made both of her jobs very simple, but she did miss the old days. She leaned all the way back and sighed deeply, heaving her enormous and barely covered breasts up and down, and tapped on the glass on the front of the counter, displaying all of her wares.

Other Casino Goodies~!:
Name: Lottery Ticket
Rank: ???
Appearance: A blue piece of paper with three dark grey squares that can be scratched away to reveal numbers hidden beneath.
History: N/A
Description: Scratching away the blue squares will reveal numbers. If these three numbers match then the user will receive ryo in the amount of the sum of the three repeating numbers multiplied by 1,000. Due to fear of addiction only one can be purchased a day. Make sure to choose "Lottery Ticket" and set the number next to it to 3.
Cost: 30 Ryo

Name: Sake
Rank: E
Appearance: A liter bottle of strong alcohol.
History: N/A
Description: Your character will be inebriated depending on their history with substances as well as weight. A character with a 4 or above in Taijutsu will be able to use drunken fist for for posts. In some situations it can be used to disinfect wounds or numb pain.
Cost: 100 Ryo

Name: Amegakure no Sato Casino Room Key
Rank: -
Appearance: A large, silver key with a tag to indicate your room number tied to it.
History: N/A
Description: Mainly this is for opening and closing your door, and you have to return it before you leave, but if push came to shove you could probably gouge out an eye or two with it. The rooms themselves are fantastic, and usually only house the more wealthy visitors of Amegakure. Generally speaking there are two queen sized beds with fantasticly expensive pillows and bedding, a desk for work done on business trips, a little living room area with two arm chairs and a couch, a bathroom with shower, a minifridge full of assorted goodies, room service at all hours, and changes can be made upon request. There are no windows because it was believed that the scenery would depress the guests. Instead it is just very well lit with powerful lamps.
Cost: 2,000
Ame Casino Owner
Ame Casino Owner

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