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Kiyoshi Kubo

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Kiyoshi Kubo

Post by Kiyoshi on Fri Aug 21, 2015 9:28 am

Name: Kiyoshi Kubo
Appearance :
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 135 lb
Alias: The Clown King
Rank: Amekage
Village: Amegakure no Sato
Clan: N/A
Age Twelve:
Kiyoshi Kubo was born into a very different country, though he has always lived within the same area. The Land of the Rain that he was born into was a land of poverty, hatred, fear, and feudal lords ruling all things that happened. It was a dark fascism that was hard to shake, and law enforcement with no checks or balances to hold them back. Kiyoshi's parents were people involved in what one may refer to as a shady underground business. His mother grew illegal substances that his father would turn around and sell for a profit that was used to feed their family. Amegakure no Sato's schools were all either military academies or medical universities. Kiyoshi and his elder brother went to the military academy that trained in Taijutsu and Kenjutsu, the only arts of Shinobi that were still practiced legally, as well as tactics and discipline. His elder cousin who was pregnant at the time was staying with them because his mother had graduated top of her class from the medical university. They lived in constant fear, but still in a very comfortable way. lived their lives happily.

One day his parents partook in their own product to kill some stress from the constant fear, and the young Kiyoshi walked into the room to see what the smell was, and his mother came out of their bedroom to move him back to the kitchen and give him his breakfast before sending him off to the school. All things seemed to be just fine until the twelve year old boy was released from class. He came home and saw a red puddle pooling beneath the door. He opened the door and the corpse of his pregnant cousin fell down as if her body had been propped up against the door. Her abdomen had been ripped apart. Both of his parents were in a crumpled mess in a corner, both of them with large boot prints on their crushed throats. His elder brother had the least hateful death, with a simple stab wound under the ribs. It was the least gruesome looking, but from his anatomy lessons Kiyoshi knew that it was probably the most painful of the deaths. He ran back to the back yard when a familiar smell wafted into his room and he found the culprit, a man wearing uniform of the Amegakure no Sato police force and holding his brother's sword, swinging it around like a toy, watching over his mother's cache hidden in the shed, and holding a match. It appeared that he had already thrown at least one match in and he tossed another in. He reached into his pocket and grabbed a flask then splashed out some sort of oil onto it.

Kiyoshi's jaw dropped when the small structure was engulfed in flames and the already sky was filled with a purple haze. The man had obviously never been exposed to this before because as the fumes began to roll in his direction his body started to shake, he coughed hard, and he fell to the ground. It would later be declared as an allergic reaction to the drugs. Kiyoshi was fine because he fell to his knees, being a short child and even lower he was safe from the smoke. He was lucky that he was smaller than the average citizen and that heat was liable to rise. After the roof of the shed burnt down the fire was instantly put out by the rain. Kiyoshi was under age, legal age being thirteen at the time, so he realized that his seeing all of it was probably a mistake, meaning that nobody would being going after him. He emptied his book bag of school supplies and filled it with clothes, food, what little remained of his mother's produce. He also took with him his brother's sword, a long, broad, single edged blade with a yin yang at the hand guard and a long, red ribbon that grew wider towards the bottom coming from the pommel, which he had to pry from the hand of the dead police officer. There marked his journey into adulthood

The young teen was not worried about vengeance, finding a way to bring his family back to him, or even where his next meal would come from. He was wrestling with only one question, how he was supposed to live with those horrible memories. The solution, he feared, may have been in the one place that he feared to look the most. He had sold half of what he managed to salvage from his mother's stash, and made a good amount of money, but still had half remaining. It was one of so few familiar things that he had left to his name, and the thought that it could maybe take him back to that point in time briefly crossed his mind, as if he had found one delicate thread to grab on to in hopes of pulling himself out of despair. He used some of those funds to purchase a hookah, which were sold legally for other substances that one could find legally in the sheeshah. From the first puff, he was transformed.

Age of Sixteen:
By the age of sixteen it was in no way rare to find Kiyoshi every sort of strung out. All that Kiyoshi had not yet had taken from him were the three things he held closest during the last four years, his brother's, no, HIS sword, the hookah that was the first thing he ever bought with money that he had considered his own, and the clothes he was wearing when he left. Something about the living on the streets and poor life style choices all around made him around the same size, maybe a little bit taller, than he had been before. He now made most of his cash as a pick pocket and occasionally outright thief. The violence of his crimes was the most ferocious towards people of power, especially those who enforced the horrid martial law of the lands. He would buy a few days worth of food with what he earned was spent throwing parties and getting high as possible in hopes that maybe one day he would not have to face the shame and horror of waking up the next morning. Sometimes he would be lucky enough to not have to wake up until several mornings later because he had nearly died and not received any medical treatment except for being dragged into the bath tub as not to harsh anybody's vibes. He would always wake up feeling worthless, and ashamed both of himself and the small collection of people he had finally been worn down enough to find himself calling friends.

One day he found himself in the biggest, most exuberant party he had ever laid eyes on. There were tents jugglers, animals, acrobats, men and women breathing fire with no alcohol or fire starter to be seen, and what was best is that it was all apparently extremely illegal! It was thrown out in public and the police officials seemed to be very much bothered, no, frightened, by the gathering. Most of the people preforming were older, mid thirties and up, and seemed to be wearing the same symbol somewhere on there body. It was simple, but it stirred something up inside of him that he could not really explain. It was little more than four vertical lines all parallel to one another. It was an amazing thing to witness, and then he turned around and witnessed something that could only have been described as an awesome force of destruction. There were a hundred men from the ANSSFU(Amegakure no Sato Special Forces Unit), each armed with cross bows, naginata, rifles, katana, bo-staff, and armed to the teeth. Behind them stood a row of bears. Any mortal human being would have been shocked into submission just by the site of this, but all of the performers only laughed in response. One by one they shouted, "FOR THE AMEKAGE!" or "FOR AMEGAKURE!" and charged forward. Kiyoshi had no idea what any of this meant, but he pulled his sword from its place at his hip and screamed, "FOR AME!" and charged with them, being too "chemically enhanced" to remember his own mortality. If a bunch of simple showman can take these guys on, it must not be so hard! he thought to himself, as he charged near almost absolute death.

The years at the Military Academy came back to him as little more than sheer muscle memory enhancing his already violent instincts as he went for the only unprotected parts of each man attacking him, the places from the neck up. One swung down with a broad sword and he crouched down as he ran, moving between the man's legs, and held the sword back hand, pulling it across the man's throat and leaving him to bleed out as he went on to another enemy who came at him from the side with a naginata. He leaped over the bladed staff and ran up it to slash through his neck, pushing the tip of the blade through the back of it and severing his spinal cord for sure. His next swing offered two decapitations and by the time he was done all of the ANSSFU was dead, but everybody and the side he choose stood, seemingly entirely unharmed apart from being a little tired. The fight took only fourteen minutes.

He was then approached by a large framed, older man wearing one of those head bands he had been so taken by earlier. "The name is Sato," the man said, extending a hand to be shaken. Kiyoshi was hesitant and extremely confused at first. Nobody had showed him any respect in so long that he had momentarily forgot the meaning behind this gesture.  As Sato was confusedly pulling back his hand Kiyoshi got into a small panic and reached forward, grabbing it with two hands to shake it firmly as possible before putting his hands awkwardly to his sides. "That was some good Kenjutsu," Sato told him, "and I'd know. I was a Chuunin in the old days." Kiyoshi responded only by raising an eyebrow suspiciously. He did not understand this talk about the old days or the word Chuunin particularly well, and he had learned to have a strong distrust of what was unknown. Sato looked Kiyoshi up and down once more before having him follow him into one of the smaller of the tents. Inside there was a large table, a few chairs pushed in under it, and a portrait of a stunning woman wearing an odd hat. It was a purplish color with the word "Ame" or "Rain" on it in a small diamond. "That," Sato told him, "was the last true leader of this nation. That, was the Amekage. We are those who remember her. We, are the Shinobi." Kiyoshi had only heard that term in history books, particularly in those chapters with especially bad endings. The Shinobi themselves had been allowed to live, but since they were disbanded as a government organization they had not been allowed to use Jutsu in public, as they were viewed as an affront to the safety of the citizens. "And," Sato said with a wide grin, "we'd like you to join our ranks."

Age Twenty Six:
Kiyoshi had spent many happy years under the protection of the circus, doing shows, having a place to keep him from the rain, and having food to eat. The Shinobi even fueled his addiction, for better or for worse, which left him feeling in an extreme debt to them. They had also began to teach him their ways. His Taijutsu was briefly refreshed and he had two entirely new and mystical skills added onto his pool of abilities: Genjutsu and Ninjutsu. Those, he was told, were the three basics of being a Ninja. He was told that they were all that he would need to function if he kept those three arts at their peak at all times. He tested his Genjutsu and Ninjutsu regularly in shows, and at times even mixed in a bit of his Kenjutsu that he so loved to use. His favorite act included ramming blades into a box containing a human being without ending that human being's life or even leaving a mark on them.

Age Twenty Nine:
Standing at the death bed of his beloved Sensei, Kiyoshi was both emboldened and humbled at the same time, and both in such extreme ways. Saito, who had not been as young as Kiyoshi had guessed him to be, put a hand on Kiyoshi's shoulder and tugged down for him to bring his ear down to hear what he had to say. he was choosing Kiyoshi to hear his last words. All he said was, in a bitter and desperate voice, "We need another Amekage." That short sentence from the lips of a dying friend would define the rest of his life.

The next day Kiyoshi stood in front of the tower that, though it looked hardly different from anything else in that god forsaken hell hole, served as the head quarters for the government of the Land of Rain. Directly to the right of it was the head quarters of the ANSSFU. Upon getting there he immediately formed a hand sign, but used no Jutsu. He just stood there, building Chakra. A few civilians came outside to watch what was happening, and some of the older people were even brazened enough to cheer for the man who stood for the coming age of Shinobi. In a matter of minutes he was a single man facing an army of nearly five hundred of the best fighters that the government had to offer, and they were much more of a fighting force than they were when Kiyoshi was a teen ager. All of them now had pistols and were trained how to use them. "This country," Kiyoshi said on an inhale, before chakra filled his lungs. "Is for the people, and the ninja!" With the last syllable a cloud of steam was released from his lungs that left his opponents useless to fight him. Though this was only a C Ranked Genjutsu, none of them had ever even seen an E Ranked Genjutsu before, or probably even heard of a Genjutsu in most of their cases. They were yelling about water clones and shooting in random diretions, in most situations just killing or hitting each other, as Kiyoshi strolled casually through the crowd, to face the Feudal Lord gone Dictator who had caused all of his suffering. He considered killing the man, but decided to do something much worse. He would kill his way of life by bringing life back to the people and their country that his man had taken, which would in turn take away his way of living. "This throne," he said in a growl, "is also for the ninja." The older man forfeited with no argument after watching his troops be taken apart in a matter of seconds.

Amekage Career so far:
Kiyoshi was a wildly popular success. He disbanded the ANSSFU, made normal schooling an option that all children would be offered, began work to make the town more beautiful by renovating the buildings and even had a statue of the stunning gorgeous Amekage from the painting commissioned and put in front of what was now the Kage mansion, which was ironically the same height as every other tower there. He was also beloved for his work with the economy of the village. He noticed his position between two much more powerful nations, and instead of being intimdated by it, decided to work off of it. He created a long road from one side of the Land of Rain all the way to the other, granting quick passage from the Land of Wind to the Land of Fire and vice versa. It was even covered and it was lined with shops set up by Amegakure no Sato villagers looking to sell their wares.

Personality :
Kiyoshi is laid back to say the least. He enjoys getting high, having sex, and partying above most other things, but when he is in his right mind he is extremely reasonable and tolerant of all opinions that will not affect him or his people in a directly negative way. To say that he is casual is not to say that he does not care about his responsibilities as the leader of the Land of Rain and the Village Hidden in the Rain. On the contrary his calm nature is extremely useful in decision making. He will quickly look over every possibility when given a list of choices and pick the one that he feels at that time would be the most beneficial to the people the village without much fretting or afterthought, and apologizes sincerely but with a giggle on the rare occasion that something bad is to come from his choices.

Most of those mistakes can be traced back to his love of partying. He was not above using public funds from tax payer money to throw a party with several loose woman and enough drugs for the second hand to drop an adult bull elephant and then write it off as a private event with a public official. For these parties he would of course need a new wardrobe each time, and maybe some choice articles of clothing for whoever else was being invited, depending on where they would be staying afterwards, if one gets my drift. Though his lifestyle of deviance and vanity would be more than enough to almost any other politician or various political figure head taken down so fast that their heads would spin, the world loved him for his honesty. Even when he wrote it down that way he was not being entirely dishonest. When asked about one of the parties he replied, "Well, I am a public official, and I do get the feeling that most of the people at that party would greatly prefer that the various things that went down there would remain private!"
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